Heart & Soul

Bianca and her daughter, Anais (aka Anna) welcome you to Anna Charisma, Carpathian Chalet! This exquisite chalet is the lifetime project of Bianca, the owner, with her daughter, Anais as her source of inspiration. They are the heart and soul of the chalet, their character and personalities materialize around the entire place, giving it that specific personal touch that you will come to love. They are what makes the chalet so warm and so worthy. Welcome to their world!


Anna Charisma, the Carpathian Chalet is a story about passion, strength, virtues and hard work. At the same time it is a story about sensuality, elegance, equilibrium and tranquillity. It is a place of retreat, a sanctuary of luxury secluded deep in the nature. You come here to be yourself, to find balance, away from the turmoil and troubles and rules of the artificial world. You come here to “be” instead of to “do”, though you will do here anything you want. You find here the freedom of the wild, the natural, the spoils. The adventures await. Are you ready?


The place has a remarkable history, has undergone different changes throughout the decades. During the WWII, in 1939 the Czechs were using the location to supply water for the secret weapons factory located in the nearby Mîrșa; later on, during the communist regime, the place was a secret retreat for the elite, who were throwing lavish hunting and protocol parties. After the revolution in 1989, during the privatization years, the old building was acquired by the actual owners and refurbished to a guesthouse at first. In 2019 the cabin as relaunched as the impressive chalet it is today.

Hanging bridge

From the moment you arrive at the chalet you realize this is a special place. The exclusive hide-away is further defined by a space element. Your experience starts already from the ride on the mountain dirt road but it becomes truly extraordinary after you leave the car in the parking lot. This is when you take a deep breath before you step on the seemingly floating bridge hanging 15 meters high above the water. A picture worthy moment that is, if you’re not too eager to feel the safe ground under your feet again.


While on the hanging bridge you take a moment to admire the 15 meters high Angels’ Waterfall, a grandiose statement of nature’s strength and beauty. The name is earned due to the Angels’ wood sculptures which you can admire around the chalet. These were created during an artists retreat event at the chalet.


There is beautiful art all around the chalet. From the impressive Angel sculptures created by renowned artists during an art retreat, to the crayon paintings in the Virtue Suite, and culminating with state-of-the-art photography in the Charisma Penthouse, every artist involved left a piece of their soul in creating the chalet’s beauty.

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