Passion suite


Golden themed deluxe suite

Passion – this golden themed deluxe suite is also located on the first floor. It can accommodate up to 4 persons in a double bed and an extensible couch. The sleep areas are separated.

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on request

Luxuriate yourself in the Charisma Penthouse, boosting two bedrooms and two bathrooms, living room with fireplace, dining area and unspoiled views of the mountain peaks nearby.

Price Package

Half Chalet

per night
  • 0,0323098 BTC
  • 0,4946782 ETH
  • 11,1720747 EGLD
(approx. crypto prices based on exchange rates gathered at 07:00)

Take advantage of plenty of space in the 5 apartments with six bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, full access to the self-catering kitchen and dining room and all outdoor spoils.

Price Package

Full Chalet

per night
  • 0,0430797 BTC
  • 0,6595709 ETH
  • 14,8960995 EGLD
(approx. crypto prices based on exchange rates gathered at 07:00)

The entire luxury chalet at your convenience. 5 apartments plus the Charisma Penthouse, a total of 8 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, the Cigar Lounge and full access to all indoor and outdoor spoils.

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